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Word Example of - abolish

    Example Sentences for abolish

    They will abolish themselves when their work is done, but not before.

    We might as well renounce clothes as to try to abolish them.

    The House of Lords threw out a bill to abolish the purchase of commissions in the army.

    He does not wish to abolish religion by any means; he wants to perfect it.

    And this is an order with all kings that now are, or shall succeed, unless they abolish this cruel custom.

    We are responsible for the evil that we have power to abolish.

    And every time an attempt is made in the Chamber to abolish drinking the good wine of France, there is violent opposition.

    The Carlovingians had been careful to abolish the office of mayor of the palace.

    Perhaps Evelyn will abolish it when she comes in for the property, said Audrey in a low tone.

    I must begin with the people about her,—abolish their superstitions,—and then there may be a chance for her.

Word Origin & History of - abolish

    Word Origin & History

    abolish mid-15c., from M.Fr. aboliss-, prp. stem of abolir "to abolish," from L. abolescere "to die out, decay little by little," inceptive of L. abolere "to retard the growth of," from ab- "from" + adolere "to grow," from PIE *ol-eye-, causative of base *al- "to grow, nourish" (see old). Tucker writes that there has been a confusion of forms in L., based on similar roots, one meaning "to grow," the other "to destroy." Application to persons and concrete objects has long been obsolete.

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