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Word Example of - abort

    Example Sentences for abort

    Cows during the first two or three months of gestation are almost sure to abort.

    And if I am to endure it much longer, I shall have to abort.

    The does should be protected from cold storms or rough handling when they are heavy with kid, else they are liable to abort.

    It was on that train I learned my first German word "abort" meaning bathroom.

    This mat is abort four feet square, and when folded has one end sewn up, so that it forms a kind of sack open at one side.

    "I thought we'd abort this mission before we were through," he sneered.

    Diseases and other accidents may sometimes hinder the development of good dispositions, or even cause them to abort completely.

    I've tried my best to abort this big bug, but I can't find anything amiss.

    Abort the middle there was au arm-hole with a shutter or flap over it.

    Its effects seem to be to favour abortion; and there is reason to believe that it has caused many valuable animals to abort.

Word Origin & History of - abort

    Word Origin & History

    abort 1570s, "to miscarry," from pp. stem of L. aboriri "to miscarry" (see abortive); 1610s as "to deliberately terminate" anything, but especially a pregnancy, which seems to be the literal sense. Trans. meaning "to cause a woman to miscarry" is recorded from 1933.

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