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Word Example of - about-face

    Example Sentences for about-face

    Just as they were starting into the hotel, a shout from Carl brought them all to a halt and an about-face.

    For answer, Phil caught her by the arm and turned her about-face.

    This was the first time in the history of the battery that it was necessary to shoulder packs to execute an about-face.

    He had sternly informed her that she must about-face and do better.

    She had a strong desire to about-face and return to Harlowe House.

    We did an about-face at 12th Street and double-timed back to the folks.

    Sergeant Williamson executed an automatic salute and about-face and raced from the room.

    A strong desire possesses us to about-face and back to the woods again.

    Then why Aunt Matilda's about-face, hiding the pictures and telling me to go back to Chicago?

    With that young Prescott executed an about-face and went charging back to where he had left his chums.

Word Origin & History of - about-face

    Word Origin & History of - about-face

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