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Word Example of - above

    Example Sentences for above

    Man must not look to be able to comprehend the ways of God—they are above him.

    If it had hit us when we were above water, we should have been where those French chaps are now.

    Then, heretic, you dare to say that the Bible is above the Church?

    So above the water I rear'd my head, and look'd for Phœbus' daughter.

    The coyotes seemed just a shadow removed all about and above.

    Oh, above all things, don't be conceited, or I can't think of it.

    Besides the above, there were about 6,000 Webley pistols in store.

    They are familiar, unquestioned, popular, and they are always current above their value.

    But I did think that his lordship, the present earl, would have been above it.

    In the drawing-room, above the fireplace, is a superb Andrea del Sarto.

Word Origin & History of - above

    Word Origin & History

    above O.E. abufan, from on "on" + bufan "over," compound of be "by" + ufan "over/high," from P.Gmc. *ufan-, *uban-. Meaning "in addition" first recorded 1590s.

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