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The Synonym of - abrasion (noun)

Word Example of - abrasion

    Example Sentences for abrasion

    Is the ground moraine of Figure 87 due chiefly to abrasion or to plucking?

    His remaining works are much injured by scaling or the abrasion of the colors.

    The above minerals are all harder than quartz, and hence not subject to abrasion by the quartz dust which is everywhere present.

    The discipline of the force in this respect is nothing; it is worn away by abrasion.

    All white men in the Solomons catch yaws, and every cut or abrasion practically means another yaw.

    There appears to be no evidence whatever of abrasion by use.

    When matter rubs against matter, particles are lost by abrasion.

    But this is a Brahminical absurdity, rusted to its core by the abrasion of ages.

    He would espy the beauty of an old binding through any amount of abrasion and laceration.

    The virus might enter through an abrasion on the priest's hand.

Word Origin & History of - abrasion

    Word Origin & History

    abrasion 1650s, from M.L. abrasionem "a scraping," noun of action from L. abrasus, pp. of abradere, from ab- "off" + radere "to scrape" (see raze).

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