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What is a better word for abridge? What's another word for abridge? What are 5 "abridge synonyms"? How can I replace the word abridge? What is the meaning of abridge in English?

Word Example of - abridge

    Example Sentences for abridge

    Why abridge our native freedom, when, in every instance, the utmost exertion of it is found innocent and beneficial?

    We must not abridge the liberties of the press or the people.

    During the reign of Anne, the enemies of Dissent exerted themselves to abridge their liberties.

    If an attempt be made to abridge that power, they preach arms and rebellion.

    It is an averment of a conclusion of law which is permitted to abridge the facts (positive and negative) on which it is founded.

    I find that I must abridge, by abstaining from the reading of extracts.

    How can the State deny or abridge the right of the citizen, if the citizen does not possess it?

    The second section I must abridge, for I cannot transcribe much more.

    In this way all power of the individual states to abridge the political rights of the negro was taken away.

    We must not abridge the liberties of: the press or the people!

Word Origin & History of - abridge

    Word Origin & History

    abridge c.1300, from O.Fr. abregier "to shorten," from L.L. abbreviare "make short" (see abbreviate). The sound development from L. -vi- to Fr. -dg- is paralleled in assuage (from assuavidare) and deluge (from diluvium).