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Word Example of - abridgement

    Example Sentences for abridgement

    Notwithstanding the abridgement of their rights, a great many of the Jews attained wealth and distinction.

    This abridgement was made by the different friends of the cause.

    The letter is a very long one, and its abridgement even is impossible here, but few more Boswellian productions can be found.

    Appian, who comes next, does not confine himself merely to the history of the war; Florus gives us only an abridgement.

    I said, printing an abridgement of a work was allowed, which was only cutting the horns and tail off the cow.

    I chanced to possess an abridgement of the "Biblia naturae," the masterly work of the father of insect anatomy.

    An abridgement was tried of Gibbon; but it had little success, and has never since been attempted.

    The reader, however, would most probably prefer to hear an abridgement of the tale in our own words.

    It is little more than an abridgement, for the use of young persons, of what the real history should be.

    This defect is remedied in the 'Abridgement,' the number of examples being nearly twice as great as in the original work.

Word Origin & History of - abridgement

    Word Origin & History of abridgement

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