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What is a better word for absolute? What's another word for absolute? What are 5 "absolute synonyms"? How can I replace the word absolute? What is the meaning of absolute in English?

Word Example of - absolute

    Example Sentences for absolute

    There was no absolute discourtesy; they simply did not want to be introduced.

    Therefore rights can never be "natural" or "God-given," or absolute in any sense.

    He incurred some debts, and was soon reduced to absolute poverty.

    In the ancient German law there was absolute freedom of divorce by agreement.

    But freedom was not absolute; it was to be dependent on the moral law.

    Such a thing as absolute rest, or stagnation, is unknown in the universe.

    The absolute is the sum total of all that was, is, and will be.

    The head chief was an absolute sovereign, having the property and the lives of his subjects entirely at his disposal.

    Morality is morality, just because it possesses an absolute authoritativeness which they lack.

    It was a matter of the utmost importance, apparently of absolute necessity, that they should lay in a store of corn.

Word Origin & History of - absolute

    Word Origin & History

    absolute late 14c., from M.Fr. absolut, from L. absolutus, pp. of absolvere "to set free, make separate" (see absolve). Most of the current senses were in L. Sense evolution is from "detached, disengaged," thus "perfect, pure." Meaning "despotic" (1610s) is from notion of "absolute in position;" hence absolutism. Absolute monarchy is recorded from 1735 (absolute king is recorded from 1610s); scientific absolute magnitude (1902), absolute value (1907) are 20c.