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Word Example of - absolution

    Example Sentences for absolution

    Come, my dear joy; I vill secure your body and your shoul too; I vill make you a good catholic, and give you an absolution.

    At all events, something for which it appeared there was no absolution.

    In my room I gave many dying persons the absolution; among them a tailor, who was shot down at my side.

    Special assurance of forgiveness is also given in Confession and Absolution.

    Leonardus, after confession and absolution had been regularly gone through, administered the last unction.

    To the priest who gave her absolution she said, "I am dying because I listened to and believed the demon."

    The archbishop started, the emperor smiled, and the absolution or pardon of Michael was approved by rewards and new services.'

    And as yet I had received no absolution for the mortal offences I had committed at Piacenza.

    Only to her own conscience was she responsible, and that gave her absolution.

    He burrowed deep, deep, in the hope of my absolution, which would have been of no good to him.

Word Origin & History of - absolution

    Word Origin & History

    absolution "remission, forgiveness," c.1200, from L. absolutionem (nom. absolutio), noun of action from absolvere "to absolve" (see absolve).

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