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Word Example of - absorption

    Example Sentences for absorption

    Ramsay was jerked out of his absorption in the net by two shrill blasts.

    The absorption in their toilette guards them from many dangers to family sanctity.

    Every change in the arrangement of the particles he found was accompanied by a definite evolution or an absorption of heat.

    No ulcer can heal, unless the absorption from it is as great as the deposition in it.

    As he angrily struck another course he realized for the first time how complete his absorption in Ahma had become.

    Once out of her sight, though, he flung from him his mien of absorption.

    In this way he showed that the bark was not necessary for the absorption or transmission of water.

    And my response to it, the absorption of it into my own experience, is appreciation.

    For that he was unconsciously preparing himself by his absorption in the panorama of existence.

    One could see that they were playmates, by her dancing steps and his absorption in her.

Word Origin & History of - absorption

    Word Origin & History of - absorption

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