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Word Example of - abstain

    Example Sentences for abstain

    We know of a working-man who on the eve of his marriage signed a promise to abstain from intoxicating liquor.

    Your religion requires you to abstain from the very appearance of evil.

    The Bishop then locked up his books and papers, and commanded him to abstain from reading and writing for ten days.

    I'm a reformed character; I'll take the pledge to abstain from ink in all forms if you like.'

    I shall consider it as my duty to abstain from all mention of these awful events, and of these fatal controversies.

    Why could not the fellow at least abstain when he was coming here!

    I was pleased to hear of his success; and strongly urged him to abstain from drink.

    It would only be necessary to warn Peregrine that for the present he must abstain from coming there.

    How could any governor of Scotland abstain from summoning them in the circumstances?

    It is plain therefore that we must abstain from freedom of speech when men are in their cups.

Word Origin & History of - abstain

    Word Origin & History

    abstain late 14c., "to withhold oneself," from O.Fr. abstenir, from L. abstinere "withhold," from ab(s)- "from, away from" + tenere "to hold" (see tenet). Specifically of liquor, attested from late 14c. Of voting, 1885.