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What is a better word for abstention? What's another word for abstention? What are 5 "abstention synonyms"? How can I replace the word abstention? What is the meaning of abstention in English?

Word Example of - abstention

    Example Sentences for abstention

    The week's end found him a little further in debt, in spite of abstention.

    Then your whole service has been abstention from positive treachery for your own ends?

    Doesn't often take part in Debate; showed to-night that abstention is not due to lack of debating faculty.

    Their abstention was not noticed by their fellows in the excitement of the time.

    I attributed much of my freedom from the diseases to which others succumbed to abstention from water drinking.

    Why should we try to make it appear that abstention from lying is a virtue?

    He had asked for them; he had earned them, not by his work only, but by his abstention from two pieces of bread per diem.

    Political liberty, however, has not only a meaning of abstention, but a meaning of participation.

    He believed that she had a very sweet reason behind her abstention.

    Their results, however, seemed sufficient reason for abstention.

Word Origin & History of - abstention

    Word Origin & History

    abstention 1520s, from Fr., from L. abstentionem (nom. abstentio) "the act of retaining," from abstentus, pp. of abstinere (see abstain).