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Word Example of - abstract

    Example Sentences for abstract

    Look at the Rudiments; they begin by insisting on stuffing into the heads of children a crowd of the most abstract ideas.

    I must not answer for Margaret; but I think I may answer for woman in the abstract.

    The rest of the days were lost in abstract time, during which Quin had his hair cut and his face shaved, and did bead-work.

    It was an abstract principle alone for which they contended.

    It is attracted by investigation and thought regarding concrete things, rather than by abstract subjects.

    What were rights, in the abstract, if they were to be ground down to the dust?

    Nevertheless, we abstract the eye from other circumstances and set it up as the essence of seeing.

    He gave him a contract to copy, and then asked for an abstract of it.

    With the exception of the "abstract" prefix Bu (No. 14), no singular prefix can be used as a plural nor vice versa.

    The abstract which we have made does not vivify us sufficiently.

Word Origin & History of - abstract

    Word Origin & History

    abstract late 14c., from L. abstractus "drawn away," pp. of abstrahere, from ab(s)- "away" + trahere "draw" (see tract (1)). Meaning "withdrawn or separated from material objects or practical matters" is from 1550s; specifically in ref. to the fine arts, it dates from 1915; abstract expressionism from 1952. The general noun sense of "a smaller quantity containing the virtue or power of a greater" [Johnson] is recorded from 1560s; meaning "summary of a document" is from 1520s. The verb is first recorded 1540s.

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