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Word Example of - abstraction

    Example Sentences for abstraction

    And the great aim of education is the cultivation of the habit of abstraction.

    There was an abstraction on his left where Gertrude sat that was less comfortable.

    Another change, among those slight differences that she fancied she observed in him, was his abstraction when reading.

    “Travellers like any others, I suppose,” rejoined the Spaniard, with an air of abstraction.

    Regarded as matter, it is a mass; regarded as a force, it is an abstraction.

    He could not have done it half so well in painting as he has done by the abstraction of wood-outline.

    As Brooks says: "If we could not abstract, we could not generalize, for abstraction is a condition of generalization."

    She only smiled gratefully at the change in her guest's abstraction.

    Sam Pardee came out of his abstraction long enough to emit a roar of laughter and an unsatisfactory explanation.

    And here he fell into an abstraction as deep and as gloomy as before.

Word Origin & History of - abstraction

    Word Origin & History of abstraction

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