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What is a better word for accent? What's another word for accent? What are 5 "accent synonyms"? How can I replace the word accent? What is the meaning of accent in English?

The Synonym of - accent (noun)

Word Example of - accent

    Example Sentences for accent

    It had absorbed the American accent, the American clip and drawl.

    The Count of Tripoli repeated this answer, with an accent of surprise.

    Not,' with an accent of incredulous indignation, 'Prue again?'

    If you notice people's accent so closely, you must be able to guess what I am.

    He was a silent, precise man with a dour nature and a hard Aberdonian accent.

    "Oh, of course, yes," said Sir William with an accent of scorn in his tone.

    Inversions of accent occur in the usual positions and at all times with all the poets.

    Phebe's accent suggested that her feelings were hurt at the question.

    If he's as terrific as I think he is we'll put him in westerns and civil war feelies until we can train the accent out of him.

    Footnote 47: Pronounced Tahmyty, with the accent on the "my."

Word Origin & History of - accent

    Word Origin & History

    accent 1530s, "particular mode of pronunciation," from M.Fr. accent, from O.Fr. acent (13c.), from L. accentus "song added to speech," from ad- "to" + cantus "a singing," pp. of canere "to sing" (see chant). Loan-translation of Gk. prosoidia, from pros- "to" + oide "song," which apparently described the pitch scheme in Gk. verse. The decorating sense of "something that emphasizes or highlights" is from 1972. The verb meaning "to pronounce with accent or stress" is first recorded 1530.