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The Synonym of - accentuation (noun)

Word Example of - accentuation

    Example Sentences for accentuation

    The unit of displacement becomes the whole period intervening between any two adjacent points of accentuation.

    If there is little inflection and no accentuation the result is bad.

    Otherwise the original has been preserved, including inconsistencies in spelling, hyphenation and accentuation.

    For to-day all paths seem to lead to an accentuation of herd life.

    No change has been made in the system of accentuation, though a few errors in quantity have been corrected.

    Also in thinking that the monotheism is not the element that needs the most accentuation.

    Surry's pentameters often flow well, in spite of his false scheme of accentuation.

    Accentuation is the stressing of the proper syllables in words.

    Assamese follows Bengali in its accentuation, but the language has never been the toy of euphuism.

    Whom has it cost any trouble to learn the accentuation of his own language?

Word Origin & History of - accentuation

    Word Origin & History of accentuation

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