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Word Example of - acceptable

    Example Sentences for acceptable

    The only acceptable explanation would be in terms of will and interest.

    Both these authors were acceptable to the princes and ministers under whom they lived.

    The cue of the Chinaman is equally as acceptable as hairs from the mane of the English lion.

    Here was sympathy,—the most acceptable offering they could receive.

    That is at least an acceptable sketch of a Neanderthal squatting-place.

    What are acceptable rules of behavior in family and society?

    His friend admitted that even the inferior sum would be acceptable.

    Anything that comes from the heart is proper and acceptable.

    He said she had performed all the labors required of her in an acceptable manner, but she was welcome now to return home.

    Only the gods can save us, and only you know the true and acceptable road to them.

Word Origin & History of - acceptable

    Word Origin & History

    acceptable late 14c., from O.Fr. acceptable, from L. acceptabilis, from acceptare (see accept).

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