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Word Example of - accident

    Example Sentences for accident

    Abdominal section fifty-three and a half hours after accident.

    But her engines were reversed the instant the accident occurred.

    They thought he would feel as they would feel about such an accident.

    She inquired how the accident happened; for this was still a mystery to everybody.

    No accident, I hope, has happened to your mistress, young sir?

    And is such an accident, as you call it, possible, Mr Lennard?

    Too late, he saw that the boat lying at anchor was not an accident.

    I could not help thinking that this accident had ruined my enterprise.

    By accident or design, Grace Suffield and her cousin took their leave at the same time as the old priest.

    We are not more than ten miles from the place where the accident happened, and I can return.

Word Origin & History of - accident

    Word Origin & History

    accident late 14c., "an occurrence, incident, event," from O.Fr. accident (12c.), from L. accidentum (nom. accidens, gen. accidentis), prp. of accidere "happen, fall out, fall upon," from ad- "to" + cadere "fall" (see case (1)). Meaning grew from "something that happens, an event," to "something that happens by chance," then "mishap."

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