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Word Example of - acclaim

    Example Sentences for acclaim

    While extending salutations to the foreigners Punch was not slow to acclaim native talent.

    What had once been a matter of survival became a road to acclaim.

    If he could not, he would still be something of an outsider though all the world should acclaim him.

    This was received with acclaim, but many objected to the mortuary theory.

    A mad roar of acclaim greeted this demand, and again from all parts of the cathedral rose the same wild cry.

    All the people, high and low, streamed together, to acclaim her.

    The soldiers received his words with acclaim, and instantly chose him as their leader.

    Where there is true greatness, let us acclaim it; where there is true worth, let us prize it—as if it were our own.

    And then the vanquished, tasting the bitterness of defeat, sent forth their acclaim of the lads who had bested them.

    The system,—they acclaim in one breath,—the system makes us do what we do not wish to do.

Word Origin & History of - acclaim

    Word Origin & History

    acclaim early 14c., "to lay claim to," from L. acclamare "to cry out at" (see acclamation); the meaning "to applaud" is recorded by 1630s. The noun meaning "act of acclaiming" is first recorded 1667 in Milton.

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