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Word Example of - acclamation

    Example Sentences for acclamation

    The speaker was Thomas Rimer, and the plan was adopted with acclamation.

    He was answered by an acclamation of welcome from all ranks.

    His refusal was accompanied by loud shouts of acclamation, which for the present rendered all further attempts impossible.

    As a teller of anecdotes he won by acclamation over all contenders.

    It is no great thing to be nominated by acclamation, but if we can shout our man into office it will be a 'big thing.'

    This same representation which had been begun amid so unanimous an acclamation!

    He enjoyed the rôle until, his health having been drunk with acclamation, he was called upon for a speech.

    As he left them the wretched creatures all gave a shout—a shout of acclamation.

    He had sat down, the President put to the Council resolutions, which were passed by acclamation.

    And we shall see if the Chamber won't absolve me by acclamation.

Word Origin & History of - acclamation

    Word Origin & History

    acclamation 1540s, from L. acclamationem (nom. acclamatio, gen. acclamationis), from pp. stem of acclamare "shout approval or disapproval of, cry out at," from ad- "toward" + clamare "cry out" (see claim).

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