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Word Example of - accomplished

    Example Sentences for accomplished

    If it has not accomplished all that was expected, the reasons are well known to the army.

    One invasion had been accomplished, but now no other was possible.

    For television was long since an accomplished, everyday fact.

    A still bolder manoeuvre is accomplished by the expert horseman.

    From the scientific standpoint, the act of hypnotism had been accomplished.

    Immediately afterward it is declared that relief is accomplished.

    In either case they decay as soon as their work is accomplished.

    His other command associated with it will never be accomplished without it.

    As soon as this work was accomplished we left the danger zone.

    They had accomplished, as they judged, about twelve hundred miles of their journey.

Word Origin & History of - accomplished

    Word Origin & History

    accomplished late 15c., "perfect as a result of training," pp. adj. from accomplish (q.v.). Meaning "completed" is from 1570s.

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