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Word Example of - accomplishment

    Example Sentences for accomplishment

    I have often thought myself that an increase of accomplishment goes hand-in-hand with an increased tameness of spirit.

    It also possessed the accomplishment of being able to stand on its head.

    No writer of fiction, none but one who believed them possible of accomplishment!

    Sindo and his companions had succeeded in the accomplishment of their mission.

    We think it would be difficult to find so many expedients ever before adopted for the accomplishment of any one object.

    However, nothing was wanting for the accomplishment of the dreadful prophecy.

    His footsteps were light with accomplishment as he thought, "In four more days, they'll all be gone."

    The earth is too narrow for the display of its effects and the accomplishment of its purposes.

    The power of accomplishment in fasting and prayer equals a decree.

    The accomplishment of such a feat will elevate the human spirit.

Word Origin & History of - accomplishment

    Word Origin & History

    accomplishment mid 15c., "completion," from Fr. accomplissement "action of accomplishing" (see accomplish). Meaning "thing completed" and that of "something that completes" someone and fits him or her for society are from c.1600.

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