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Word Example of - accordance

    Example Sentences for accordance

    Each one of us dreams of the unknown and the impossible in accordance with his nature.

    I proceeded to arrange our guests in accordance with this plan.

    In doing so he simply acted in accordance with the ideas of his time, and this is the one excuse that can be made for him.

    Was it not in accordance with thy law, or didst thou not like it?

    A paper was sent round at once, and every one subscribed a sum in accordance with his means.

    But to me the old one is not only more eloquent, but more in accordance with the connection.

    It is in accordance with these incontestable principles that I shall examine the religion of the Christians.

    That this should happen is in accordance with the past history of the law.

    He divided the world between his children in accordance with the laws of the country and the compulsion of his circumstances.

    Ronald could make no reply to a sentiment so thoroughly in accordance with his own views.

Word Origin & History of - accordance

    Word Origin & History

    accordance c.1300, from O.Fr. accordance "agreeing," noun of action from accorder (see accord). Phrase in accordance with is attested from c.1810.

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