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Word Example of - account

    Example Sentences for account

    Yes, I had it in the blood, on account of my grandfather, I suppose.

    Of any occurrences in his remaining life I have found no account.

    She thought there was some danger on account of the dollars.

    Clif did not recognize them, but he did not pause on that account.

    It is difficult to account for the object of this strange proceeding.

    And when you call upon philosophy at last to give an account of it, what does she say?

    Perhaps on that account they struck the reader's sense more sharply.

    That is one account of Mr Hope: now you must hear the other.

    The absurd name "dog" having been given on account of its "bark."

    It was with unusual relish that he read the account of an inquest on himself.

Word Origin & History of - account

    Word Origin & History

    account c.1300, "reckoning of money received and paid;" from O.Fr. acont "account," from à "to" + cont "count," from L.L. computus "a calculation," from L. computare "calculate" (see compute). Sense of "narration" is first attested 1610s. The verb meaning "to reckon for money given or received" is from late 14c.; sense of "to explain" (c.1710) is from notion of "answer for money held in trust." Transf. sense of "value" is from late 14c. Pl. accounts used as a collective or sing. in phrases such as to give accounts (of something), mid-13c. Phrase by all accounts is attested from 1798. Accounting ..."reckoning of numbers" is from late 14c. Phrase no accounting for tastes (1823) translates L. de gustibus non est disputandum. Modern Fr. differentiates compter "to count" and conter "to tell," but they are cognates.

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