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The Synonym of - accountability (noun)

Word Example of - accountability

    Example Sentences for accountability

    That responsibility for your neighbor is a responsibility and an accountability that you and I cannot avoid or evade.

    Moreover, Rufus's sense of accountability was particularly keen.

    It has been said that there is no accountability, if not to God.

    Accountability, therefore, cannot be predicated of such phenomena.

    After this talk with William he could not get rid of the idea of accountability to his God.

    I was even less than Jack; had I been her brother I could have held him to accountability.

    Prostration of ourselves before God produces a calm and dispassionate frame of mind, and a sense of our accountability.

    It has great power without any balancing weight of accountability.

    Responsibility to some power, accountability to some persons or body, is absolutely essential to honest management.

    He taught moral obligation, on the basis of accountability to God.

Word Origin & History of - accountability

    Word Origin & History of accountability

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