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Word Example of - accountant

    Example Sentences for accountant

    His father, a poor gentleman, procured a situation as accountant in a mercantile house.

    He is said to have had no superior as an accountant in this country.

    I had a moonshee, or accountant, in one of my outworks in Purneah.

    I "run down" the accountant because he was either ignorant or corrupt.

    The forger, as a rule, is a bookkeeper or an accountant who grows expert with the pen.

    Perhaps your friend Wentworth, being an accountant, may know more about it.'

    At ten he presented himself once more at the accountant's office.

    So she hastened her steps, still followed, however, by the accountant.

    Books: Twelve books of large paper, bound in parchment, for the accountant.

    Phil beckoned the accountant, who brought the desired information.

Word Origin & History of - accountant

    Word Origin & History

    accountant mid-15c., "one who renders accounts," from O.Fr. acuntant (Mod.Fr. accomptant), from prp. of accompter (see account). Sense of "professional maker of accounts" is recorded from 1530s.

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