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Word Example of - ache

    Example Sentences for ache

    It might be easier, Ben thought, to endure the ache of waiting if Shawn himself would look aft again, but he would not.

    And yet he could ache a little for that red-haired girl, and this without any difficulty.

    He was thankful that the ache had entirely left his throat and that a strange warmth had kindled in his breast.

    Her head began to throb, and she felt as if her body were an ache personified.

    The whitewashed walls were so painfully bare and staring that she thought they must ache over their own bareness.

    If one has an ache or a pain, a care or a loss, let it be forgotten now.

    The windows and doors were open, so that not only my hands, but my body and my feet were cold, and my head also began to ache.

    Is a man to know no joy because he has an ache at his heart?

    My head was beginning to ache, and I felt faint for want of food.

    She put her hand to her throat as though to lessen the ache there.

Word Origin & History of - ache

    Word Origin & History

    ache O.E. acan "to ache, suffer pain," from P.Gmc. *akanan, perhaps from a PIE base *ag-es- "fault, guilt," represented also in Skt. and Gk., perhaps imitative of groaning. The noun is M.E. æche, from O.E. æce, from P.Gmc. *akiz. The verb was pronounced "ake," the noun "ache" (by i-mutation, as in speak-speech) but while the noun changed pronunciation to conform to the verb, the spelling of both was changed to ache c.1700 on a false assumption of a Gk. origin (Gk. akhos "pain, distress"). Achy (adj.) first attested 1875 in George Eliot's letters.

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