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Word Example of - acknowledgment

    Example Sentences for acknowledgment

    So Margaret gained the acknowledgment of her right to follow her own ideas of duty.

    She bowed her head in acknowledgment of my statement, but made no reply in words.

    He felt her bow her head in acknowledgment that she understood.

    McLeod smiled, if we may so speak, gravely, in acknowledgment of the compliment.

    The girl stammered some sort of an acknowledgment; she was never able to recall precisely what she said, in truth, but it served.

    I asked, changing the topic in acknowledgment of his right to be reticent.

    "I did not think," is an acknowledgment that his thinking faculties are not in order.

    She made the slightest sign of acknowledgment, but said nothing.

    The former is the acknowledgment of God by the energy of faith; the latter is the setting up of man in the spirit of legalism.

    On the acknowledgment of American independence by European powers.

Word Origin & History of - acknowledgment

    Word Origin & History of - acknowledgment

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