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Word Example of - acquittal

    Example Sentences for acquittal

    I will not owe my acquittal of this foul charge to any trick of lawyer-craft.

    Why, they can ruin me, even if I get a verdict of acquittal.

    Clearly, Jack knew all about the bills, and had given up all hope of acquittal.

    There was very great excitement culminating in the girl's acquittal.

    If in criminals it be a measuring cast, to incline to mercy and acquittal.

    At the second trial the presiding judge ordered an acquittal.

    I should have been ashamed to have lifted my head in the future had I fallen down and voted for an acquittal.

    The acquittal appears to be on the ground of the unconstitutionally of the law.

    The first ballot resulted in seven for acquittal, four for conviction, and one blank—Bently's.

    Rotha dwelt but little on the chances of an innocent man's acquittal.

Word Origin & History of - acquittal

    Word Origin & History

    acquittal early 15c., "payment of debt or retribution;" see acquit. Sense of "a release from debt or obligation" is from mid-15c.; that of "freeing from charge or offense" (by legal process) is from 1530s.

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