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What is a better word for actor? What's another word for actor? What are 5 "actor synonyms"? How can I replace the word actor? What is the meaning of actor in English?

Word Example of - actor

    Example Sentences for actor

    The actor should not stare straight into the faces of the audience, but look between them.

    The actor, assumed a rôle and improvised all which he had to say in trying to act it out.

    Con and I don't feel like going home just yet, and Mrs. Irving has elected to be audience instead of actor.

    He found fault with some of the plays for not being worthy of the actor.

    But no matter for that; the spectator at a play is more entertained than the actor; and in real life it is much the same.

    Shakespeare never at any time attained distinction as an actor.

    When she had learned the story of Geraldine's persecution by the actor, her indignation was beyond measure.

    I will now introduce the material from which was builded an actor.

    The decay of all the great European theatres shows that the actor's art has lost its interest.

    He thought about the big theater, and wondered if it was fun to be an actor.

Word Origin & History of - actor

    Word Origin & History

    actor late 14c., "an overseer, a plaintiff," from L. actor "an agent or doer," from pp. stem of agere (see act). Sense of "one who performs in plays" is 1580s, originally applied to both men and women.