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The Synonym of - actualization (noun)

Word Example of - actualization

    Example Sentences for actualization

    Besides, even if actualization be contemporaneous with potentiality, why should not the first rank be assigned to actualization?

    Hence the process itself is the actualization of the potential.

    He had defined soul as the first actualization of a body having potentiality of life with a determinate organism.

    His actualization, in respect to Himself, is to be what He is; for He and that actualization coincide.

    But the actualization (which constitutes the life of Reason) is not similar to the actualization of fire.

    This actualization is not thought; it has nothing to think, as it is the First.

    The soul then, according to Aristotle, is the realization or actualization or form of the body.

    Light is entirely incorporeal, though it be the actualization of a body.

    Fortifying myself within it, I arrive at that actualization which raises me above the intelligible.

    But existence and the intelligible also fuse with their actualization.

Word Origin & History of - actualization

    Word Origin & History of actualization

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