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What is a better word for acute? What's another word for acute? What are 5 "acute synonyms"? How can I replace the word acute? What is the meaning of acute in English?

Word Example of - acute

    Example Sentences for acute

    Dr. B—— denies it, says they are nothing but acute dysentery.

    And in fact, from that very day the most acute attacks ceased.

    Sharp and acute, the great expounder found out at once that Mr. Seward is one of the greatest and noblest patriots of all times.

    She is too acute to be deceived, and too firm to be persuaded.

    The smarting pain he experienced was too acute, and each time his wife presented her lips, he pushed her back.

    She confided this to me and later on in the day I could see that the pain was acute.

    Alcohol taken in excess, as in a debauch, leads to acute gastro-intestinal catarrh.

    She is painfully conscious of an acute sensation of antagonism and dislike.

    The great size of the House of Lords makes the difficulty of dealing with this majority so acute.

    But he was still destitute of acute perceptions and deep sensibility.

Word Origin & History of - acute

    Word Origin & History

    acute 1560s, from L. acutus "sharp, pointed," pp. of acuere "sharpen" (see acuity). Medical sense of "coming and going quickly" (of a fever or disease, as opposed to a chronic one) first recorded 1660s.