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Word Example of - adage

    Example Sentences for adage

    He was perfectly contented to bide his time, remembering that adage: "All things come to him who waits."

    Letting 'I dare not' wait upon 'I would,' like the poor cat i' the adage.

    He was one of the fools who devote their lives to disproving the adage that experience teaches them.

    We also hear on all sides the adage that money is the sinews of war.

    This perfectly agrees with the above passage from Bonduca, and is doubtless the original sense and original form of the adage.

    "'It never rains but it pours,' says the Irish adage," resumed she.

    It has been said that republics are ungrateful; but in this instance the adage must fall to the ground.

    It was a first love of mine, and, as the adage says, 'only revient toujours.'

    An adage seems to be a statement the reverse of which is true—or not.

    The explanation of this adage is not here assumed, nor its community of relation.

Word Origin & History of - adage

    Word Origin & History

    adage 1540s, from L. adagium "adage, proverb," apparently from adagio, from ad- "to" + *agi-, root of aio "I say," from PIE *ag- "to speak." But Tucker thinks the second element is rather ago "set in motion, drive, urge."

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