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Word Example of - addition

    Example Sentences for addition

    In addition to these, was given to each as a present a pair of Ostjak boots.

    Such as 'like' for 'as,' and the addition of an 'at' where it isn't needed.

    She is sometimes, in addition, beaten on the back with tamarind switches.

    My text suggests that to us by its addition, 'So are we, in this world.'

    In addition it has a good telephone and electric lighting system.

    In addition to this, Bounce smote his thigh with unwonted vigour.

    In addition to his hideous appearance, he gave the most frightful shrieks as he dashed through the crowd.

    Thus in addition to the cost, the owner loses a good day's work.

    In addition to these eye-bolt holes there are two others through which screws are fastened into the frame pieces.

    In addition, he had the kindness to send you to keep me company in my captivity.

Word Origin & History of - addition

    Word Origin & History

    addition mid-14c., "that which is added," from O.Fr. addition (13c.), from L. additionem (nom. additio) "an adding to, addition," from additus, pp. of addere (see add). Meaning "action of adding" first attested mid-15c. Phrase in addition to "also" is from 1902. Related: Additional (1640s).

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