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What is a better word for adept? What's another word for adept? What are 5 "adept synonyms"? How can I replace the word adept? What is the meaning of adept in English?

Word Example of - adept

    Example Sentences for adept

    In an intrigue based on such lines Miguel Figuero was an adept.

    But the Old Man is an adept in the business of plucking out.

    But the Irishman is a deacon of his craft, and settles the point like an adept.

    In truth the worthy doctor was not only a believer but an adept in astrology.

    Men who live in such a world as this become sensitive to its symptoms, and adept at interpreting them.

    An adept in the art of pushing does not rely on sheer impudence alone.

    The spinach was very popular and Judy became quite an adept in dishing it out and weighing it.

    An adept at knowing the haunts and habits of eels, and the methods of taking them.

    My grandfather was an adept in both, and knew, besides, the Duke of Orleans well.

    Either folk do not know how to administer it, or they are adept in the art—one of the two.

Word Origin & History of - adept

    Word Origin & History

    adept 1660s (n.), 1690s (adj.), from L. adeptus "having reached, attained," pp. of adipisci "to attain to, acquire," from ad- "to" + apisci "grasp, attain," related to aptus "fitted" (see apt). Noun meaning "one who is skilled in the secrets of anything" is from a M.L. use in alchemy.