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Word Example of - adequacy

    Example Sentences for adequacy

    The conception of perfection in a practical sense is the adequacy of a thing for various ends.

    He felt the adequacy of this life as a determiner of the eternal destiny of all men.

    The massive grandeur of adequacy in that performance was a great excellence.

    Ultimately there is no adequacy, we are all weighed in the balance and found wanting.

    The propositions were accepted, while denying the adequacy of Berkeley's removal from one command to another.

    Our concept of Reality must be symmetrical, or fail of adequacy.

    Reardon made the only answer possible, and felt the thrill of his own adequacy.

    Adequacy and destructiveness of armament are strictly relative terms.

    The experience of last spring in India proves the adequacy of a reserve of 15 or 20 per cent.

    But the reason of this adequacy in story contains in itself her greatest triumph.

Word Origin & History of - adequacy

    Word Origin & History of - adequacy

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