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What is a better word for adequate? What's another word for adequate? What are 5 "adequate synonyms"? How can I replace the word adequate? What is the meaning of adequate in English?

Word Example of - adequate

    Example Sentences for adequate

    Thus school knowledge frequently fails to function to an adequate degree in the practical affairs of life.

    There can be no achievement in the struggle for existence without an adequate force.

    By text-book we do not mean a formal school-book, but a book with a clear method, a capital style, and adequate information.

    Evidently they had no adequate government or administration of justice.

    The paramount problem in highway administration is the development of an adequate financial plan for carrying on road improvement.

    No alliances, however strict, between the parts can be an adequate substitute.

    A more than adequate sacrifice having been made to Indian opinion, I drew off the brave assailants.

    In modern psychology there is nothing at all adequate to the subject of our method.

    In 1904 when adequate provision was first made for the Freedmen in the public schools of that town this mission was discontinued.

    I was so staggered that I could only think of one adequate retort.

Word Origin & History of - adequate

    Word Origin & History

    adequate 1610s, from L. adæquatus "equalized," pp. of adæquare "to make equal to," from ad- "to" + æquare "make level," from æquus (see equal). The sense is of being "equal to what is required."