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"adequately Synonyms"

What is a better word for adequately? What's another word for adequately? What are 5 "adequately synonyms"? How can I replace the word adequately? What is the meaning of adequately in English?

Word Example of - adequately

    Example Sentences for adequately

    The horror of this is not to be adequately described to those who have never seen the like.

    Language, even the young man's, could not describe him adequately.

    The singer or speaker must breathe easily and adequately, but not so as to waste his energies.

    The proposed categories have, then, been adequately dealt with.

    That existing educational machineries may not adequately recognise these is not of course the question here.

    Historical causes do not, it seems, adequately account for them.

    In this way it is hoped that the whole area, which is enormous, will be adequately covered.

    That which we do not believe we cannot adequately say, though we may repeat the words never so often.

    I cannot adequately express the loathing I feel for all this tribe.

    The subject is a great one and cannot be adequately treated as an appendage to another.

Word Origin & History of - adequately

    Word Origin & History

    adequately 1620s, from adequate; originally a term in logic in ref. to correspondence of ideas and objects. Meaning "suitably" is recorded from 1680s.