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Word Example of - adjourn

    Example Sentences for adjourn

    So now, gentlemen, if the Court will permit, I would like to adjourn till to-morrow morning.

    There were some, and Sieyès among them, who proposed that they should adjourn to Paris.

    I must tell you a short anecdote—But shall we adjourn to the terrace?

    It was then agreed to adjourn till three o'clock in the afternoon.

    I might talk easier too, if we could adjourn to the window alcove over there.

    Parliament was to adjourn in ten days; the season would be over!

    The fear was that Congress might adjourn without a conclusion.

    He then signified his pleasure that the Parliament should adjourn.

    Shall we read it to the general public, or shall we adjourn to the drawing-room?'

    Suppose we three adjourn to my den, where the books are right at hand.

Word Origin & History of - adjourn

    Word Origin & History

    adjourn early 14c., from O.Fr. ajourner, from the phrase à jorn "to a stated day" (à "to" + journ "day," from L. diurnus "daily;" see diurnal). The sense is to set a date for a re-meeting. Meaning "to go in a body to another place" (1640s) is colloquial.

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