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Word Example of - adjustment

    Example Sentences for adjustment

    It had been forced upon him; it was an adjustment to circumstances, the wisest wisdom.

    We saw the current swing him forward, and the little beast's adjustment to it.

    The adjustment of the relations of the two races must take place here; and it is taking place slowly, but surely.

    This valve is entirely automatic and requires no adjustment.

    Unlike the industrial workers, he is unable to demand an adjustment of his income to the changed index of living.

    Payment had not been made by November 10, nor was there any evidence of an adjustment.

    But undue wear may take place without heating, and this is one of the greatest objections to this method of adjustment.

    A plan for the adjustment of the living wage to price changes.

    Being so, it is not susceptible to argument, or to adjustment by conventions or creedal agreements.

    We have now to consider how this adjustment can best be carried out.

Word Origin & History of - adjustment

    Word Origin & History of adjustment

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