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Word Example of - admiration

    Example Sentences for admiration

    There was no doubt about the young man's admiration for Pamela.

    His gardens next your admiration call, On every side you look, behold the wall!

    Have you never given cause to another to—to—suspect any admiration on your part?

    His admiration of the great seems to have increased in the advance of life.

    His black eyes were of the audacious sort, and he flashed a glance of admiration at Patty.

    The admiration which they would attract would be fatal to them.

    My eyes involuntarily filled with tears, and I stood completely lost in wonder and admiration.

    The mother had always professed for him unbounded loyalty and admiration.

    Her thoughts turned to Katharine with hope, affection, admiration, and never a faintest touch of jealousy.

    Could it be possible that her professions of love and admiration had been genuine?

Word Origin & History of - admiration

    Word Origin & History

    admiration early 15c. (implied in admired), from L. admirationem (nom. admiratio) "a wondering at, admiration," from admiratus, pp. of admirari "admire," from ad- "at" + mirari "to wonder," from mirus "wonderful" (see miracle). The sense has weakened steadily since 16c.