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Word Example of - admirer

    Example Sentences for admirer

    Could you lend an admirer a dollar and a half to buy a hymn-book with?

    And old as the Captain was, and young as was his admirer, he warmed pleasantly at the words.

    You forget that my husband is a traveller, and an admirer of Americans and things American.

    Speaking as an admirer, I should estimate you at five hundred a year.

    Fraser, fit to handle his weight in wildcats, as an admirer had once put it, found no trouble in following.

    In the words of a friend and admirer, "he was kam only at twelve paces."

    Lista was a skilful artist and like Arjona an admirer and imitator of Horace; but his ideas lacked depth.

    Was your grandmother, the Lady Julian, an admirer of these new doctrines?

    Martha said lightly, "Mama's an admirer of Senator Arnold, the way it sounds."

    She remembered she had sent it to her admirer at Hickory Hill.

Word Origin & History of - admirer

    Word Origin & History

    admire late 16c., from Fr. admirer (O.Fr. amirer, 14c.), from L. admirari (see admiration). Noun admirer is recorded from c.1600; "In common speech, a lover" [Johnson], a sense recorded from c.1705.

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