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Word Example of - admissible

    Example Sentences for admissible

    When the use of a spiral connecting-tube is not admissible the difficulty is considerably increased.

    The question was decided to be admissible, and the answer was "yes."

    No other food is admissible, and the return to solids must, if the animal survives, be very gradual.

    Raoul returned no answer, for any hypothesis was admissible.

    No question was admissible which tended to elicit information or a positive declaration from the respondent.

    But not one of these accessories would have been admissible in sculpture.

    It is a war of all against one—a merciless war, in which all means of attack are admissible.

    Will the evidence of your own Jefferson, on this point, be admissible?

    The actions, looks, and barking of a dog are admissible as natural evidence upon a question as to his madness.

    Nor can there be anything human that is not, in some connexion or other, admissible into art.

Word Origin & History of - admissible

    Word Origin & History

    admissible 1610s, from Fr. admissible, from L.L. admissibilem, from pp. stem of admittere (see admit). Legal sense is recorded from 1849.

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