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Word Example of - admission

    Example Sentences for admission

    Does not the soul leap at her admission to confer with superior powers?

    The bar was closed, but the men knocked at the door for admission.

    A very considerable fee is demanded for admission to membership.

    Floyd is startled at the frankness, as well as the admission.

    The inner apartments are covered with domes, having a number of small round glazed apertures for the admission of light.

    Let him have but the wit to say so, and not feel the admission a proof of inferiority.

    The Gray hosts were sweeping forward as a slow, irresistible tide; this by Partow's own admission.

    "You have no witnesses to that admission," said the attorney.

    This brought an outcry against the admission of any professional working woman into the exclusive Civitas.

    I owe you that admission, humbling to the pride that is left in me!

Word Origin & History of - admission

    Word Origin & History

    admission late 15c., "the literal act of letting in," from L. admissionem (nom. admissio, gen. admissionis) "a letting in," from admissus, pp. of admittere (see admit).

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