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The Synonym of - admonition (noun)

Word Example of - admonition

    Example Sentences for admonition

    He was a man of much influence, but he does not seem to have resisted the admonition.

    "That is not what I've come here for," he thought, recalling Paklin's admonition.

    It is needless to add that the worthy provost was mollified, and that the little fellow was dismissed with an admonition.

    They seized the example, but the admonition passed by unheeded.

    From you he expects absolution and admonition in his last moments.

    This tone of personal comment and admonition was very rare with Mr. Grey.

    But Anna seemed indifferent to the admonition, for she tripped buoyantly down stairs, accompanying a gentleman to the door.

    There was a patronizing quality in the admonition that irritated the wife.

    May it be blessed to many hearts for admonition and for consolation as it was to mine, dear Mr. Leighton.

    "'Twill be an admonition for you both," said Phœbe, with a faint smile.

Word Origin & History of - admonition

    Word Origin & History

    admonition late 14c., from O.Fr. admonition, from L. admonitionem (nom. admonitio), noun of action from admonere (see admonish).

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