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Word Example of - adoption

    Example Sentences for adoption

    We recommend the adoption of the Great Chief of Records' report.

    The adoption of a tramroad, it is true, had tended to facilitate their transit.

    We are at best, only his step-children; children by adoption, children by force of circumstances and necessity.

    Laud and his co-adjutors urged the adoption of all these and similar usages.

    “Either I must resign my ministry, leave the land of my adoption and the queen whom I had chosen to obey—or——” He paused again.

    The adoption of subterranean temples was peculiarly a Zapotecan trait.

    The debate resulted in the adoption of the declaration by a vote of one hundred and forty-one against twenty-three.

    How cheering in their eyes must have been this sunny view of the land of their adoption!

    By the adoption of scientific principles Hope-Jones has multiplied the efficiency of Swell boxes tenfold.

    Minor, who came into the family by adoption, who destroyed Carthage.

Word Origin & History of - adoption

    Word Origin & History

    adoption mid-14c., from L. adoptionem (nom. adoptio), noun of action from adoptare "chose for oneself," from ad- "to" + optare "choose, wish, desire" (see option).

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