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Word Example of - adulatory

    Example Sentences for adulatory

    Although not handsome, his face called for an adulatory responsiveness on the part of those who came in contact with him.

    These verses have been disparaged as too adulatory in their tone.

    The adulatory phrases used as mere conventionalities seemed to have actually turned his head.

    Demochares, then, has said all this about the adulatory spirit and conduct of the Athenians.

    Luca Pulci, the descendant of an ancient house of Tuscan nobles, composed an adulatory poem in octave stanzas on this event.

    If they seem to us to-day flattering not to say adulatory, it must be remembered that such was the mode.

    A murmur of adulatory incredulity arose from the group of courtiers.

    He was then publishing his 'Typhon, or the Gigantomachy,' and dedicated it to the cardinal, with an adulatory sonnet.

    In France it is impossible to laugh at riches, this impiety is forbidden by our adulatory customs.

    This well-authenticated anecdote has been told by writers who expressed the most adulatory sentiments towards the present Czar.

Word Origin & History of - adulatory

    Word Origin & History

    adulation late 14c., from O.Fr. adulacion, from L. adulationem (nom. adulatio), from adulatus, pp. of aduliari "to flatter," from ad- "to" + ulos "tail," from PIE *ul- "the tail" (cf. Skt. valah "tail," Lith. valai "horsehair of the tail"). The original notion is "to wag the tail" like a fawning dog (cf. Gk. sainein "to wag the tail," also "to flatter;" see also wheedle).

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