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Word Example of - adulterate

    Example Sentences for adulterate

    It is more soluble in both rectified spirit and water than any of the oils used to adulterate it.

    Montaigne was a Gascon, and Gasconisms adulterate the purity of his French.

    A copy in which costumes and colouring have been completely changed is but an adulterate representation.

    So little was drunk in England that it was not worth while to adulterate it.

    Peanuts are largely used to adulterate chocolate, and so far as wholesomeness is concerned, are not objectionable.

    But methinks he speaks with a spruce Attic accent of adulterate Spanish.

    Cotton is also used to adulterate woolen materials, and sometimes silk materials; "pure silk" so called, is often artificial silk.

    The London millers and bakers use immense quantities of bean flour to adulterate their flour and bread.

    One is for charges of evading taxation, another for those who adulterate bread, and so forth.

    The florets of this yield a beautiful pink dye (see above), and are sometimes used to adulterate hay saffron.

Word Origin & History of - adulterate

    Word Origin & History

    adulterate 1590s, from L. adulterat-, pp. stem of adulterare "to falsify, corrupt" (see adulteration). Earlier verb was adulter (late 14c.).

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