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The Synonym of - adulteration (noun)

Word Example of - adulteration

    Example Sentences for adulteration

    In 1836 an Act was passed against the adulteration of bread.

    Do, dear; and I will take that opportunity to finish my article on Adulteration.

    The practice of adulteration is decreasing, but the seed may have been taken from land infested with pernicious weeds.

    After the practices of adulteration naturally follow the practices of retail trade.

    One or two are extremely easily detected—as, for example, adulteration with sand or other mineral substances.

    An excessive amount of sand in the ash should be classed as adulteration.

    Union Hall, of having in his possession a quantity of alum for the adulteration of bread, and fined in the penalty of 5l.

    There is a philosophy about adulteration I dont know much about.

    The adulteration of milk or any other food is a very wicked practice.

    Later in the century heavy penalties were imposed for adulteration.

Word Origin & History of - adulteration

    Word Origin & History

    adulteration c.1500, from L. adulterationem (nom. adulteratio), from adulteratus, pp. of adulterare "corrupt, debauch," from ad- "to" + L.L. alterare "to alter" (see alter).

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