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Word Example of - advance

    Example Sentences for advance

    The retreat was carried out with as much speed and success as the advance.

    Not to go back, is somewhat to advance, And men must walk at least before they dance.

    It lies at the edge of the Indian country and tends to advance.

    His admiration of the great seems to have increased in the advance of life.

    They emerged from their positions in good order and made ready to advance.

    Every advance in the work seemed to bring him nearer to the source of the happiness he felt.

    Neither the offenses nor the penalties are defined in advance.

    She alone of the ladies had sat with face upraised, watching the advance of the storm.

    As guests enter the room the hostess should advance a step to meet them.

    We were making an advance on the enemy's position near Huttonsville.

Word Origin & History of - advance

    Word Origin & History

    advance early 13c., from O.Fr. avancer "move forward," from V.L. *abanteare (It. avanzare, Sp. avanzar), from L.L. abante "from before," composed of ab- "from" + ante "before, in front of, against," from PIE *anti "against," locative singular of *ant- "front, forehead." The -d- was inserted 16c. on mistaken notion that initial a- was L. ad-. Meaning "to give money before it is legally due" is first attested 1670s. The noun is first recorded 1520s; advances "amorous overtures" is from 1706. The adj. (in advance warning, etc.) is not recorded before 1910.

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